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What is OSCA?

The OSCA cable is used to create a bridge between the vehicle you are working on and our servers. A connection is established once the cable is plugged into the OBD port and then connected to the internet via a 3G/4G/5G or Wifi/Lan connection.

Once connected, you can chat to our team via our Android app (only available for older OSCA cable) or our dedicated website. We will then be able to establish your requirements and get to work using scripts, tools and our knowledge to complete an array of functions.

Whilst we are completing your work remotely, you can take care of others tasks. In certain situations however, a mechanic must be on stand-by in order to carry out any physical tasks, such as turning the ignition on. Whenever necessary, a message will appear in the app, telling the mechanic what needs to be done.

Wide Technical Knowledge Base
10,000+ Applications & Growing Daily
300+ Makes & Models

Our Features

OSCA diagnostic tool is unique and one of the very first devices of its kind! Cloud-based diagnostics come with no complicated software installation or updates, just live, in-depth diagnostics and programming at your fingertips via scripts and live technicians. It completes jobs that other tools can't, and when something fails, our team is on hand to talk you through the issue to get it rectified.

Who is OSCA For?

OSCA is a versatile tool that can work in many automotive sectors. Our applications enable us to service garage mechanics, locksmiths, body shop repairers, ADAS specialists and more!

If you are an auto locksmith who wants to expand the range of keys you provide, then OSCA is here to help with security codes and programming.
Advanced fault finding? Module programming? Whatever it is, our experienced technicians are here to help with dealer level diagnostics at your fingertips.
Body Shops
Damaged front wing usually results in a broken headlight too. These days even a simple headlight replacement requires dealer level programming. With OSCA you can now complete this job in house!
ADAS Specialists
Our team set up the vehicle ready for drive adaption and/or calibration. What’s more, we also offer additional programming, enabling extra work to generate extra revenue.

Our Distributors

We have a number of distributors waiting to demonstrate the capabilities of our cloud-based vehicle diagnostic tool and have stock ready and waiting to dispatch instantly. Why not get in touch with them today to see how OSCA can help you!

Our Latest Applications

Check out some of our recently added applications below or filter through more than 10,000 on our dedicated application list page.

Help Guides

Our guides section is here to help you! We have useful information that will help you connect your OSCA 2.0 cable to the internet, resetting your tool, accessing your invoices and much more!

Updating OSCA V1 Android App

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Connecting OSCA 2.0 direct to router via ethernet

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Getting Started With OSCA 2.0

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Access our Web Application

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Resetting Your OSCA 2.0 WIFI Settings

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Connecting OSCA 2.0 to a WIFI/Tethering network

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