Live technicians that complete diagnostic work remotely.


Why is OSCA a good solution?

Easy To Use

Plug the OBD cable into the vehicle, select the vehicle and speak to a technician to complete the work.

No Update Costs

Everything is updated & combined in the cloud.

Cloud Based

No complicated installs or updates. Just a simple install of our OSCA app runs everything.


Low Cost

No modules. Only an OSCA Cable, compatible tablet and free OSCA app is required.

Hybrid of Diagnostic Tools

A combination of diagnostic solutions makes OSCA the hybrid of diagnostic tools.

Live Technician

A live technician completes your diagnostic work, leaving the job stress-free for you!

Our Services

OSCA is your diagnostic companion.

Key Programming

Our skilled auto locksmiths can programme car keys remotely using a combination of tools to make sure the job gets completed.

Pull PIN Codes

Fed up of waiting for PIN codes to come back from the dealer? OSCA can now pull a number of PIN codes directly via the OBD.

Diagnose Faults

Having an issue completing diagnostic programming yourself? Our team can use a combination of machines to find the fault and complete the job for you.

Other Functions

OSCA doesn't just stop at key programming. Our team have completed a number of adhoc tasks such as tow bar programming, BSI remote change configurations & electronic steering lock programming.


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What is OSCA?

The OSCA interface is used to establish a remote connection to the vehicle (OBD Socket), which means that the vehicle itself stays right where it is; in the workshop or at the side of road. The remote communication between the vehicle and the OSCA specialist takes place entirely via WiFi or your 3G/4G network. As soon as the connection to the vehicle has been established, the OSCA app will open automatically.

As communication is taking place, the quality of the connection is measured in order to prevent problems occurring. Other elements, such as the on-board voltage of the vehicle itself are also carefully recorded. Whilst an OSCA specialist is carrying out his work remotely, the mechanic can take care of another task. In certain situations however, a mechanic must be on stand-by in order to carry out any physical tasks such as turning the ignition on, for example. Whenever necessary, a message will appear in the app, telling the mechanic what needs to be done.




Check out our app screenshots to see how easy it is to complete a diagnostic function.



£14.99 / PM
  • Access to live technician 9-5PM Mon-Fri
  • Price based on 12 Months Subscription (£19.99 PM on 6 month contracts)
  • Subscription no long required to use an OSCA cable
  • Subscription gives discount on ticket prices


  • OBD Cable
  • With or without 12 month subscription
  • Tablet Not Included


  • OBD Cable
  • With or without 12 month subscription
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 4G Tablet
  • Shock Protection Case

How do I get OSCA?

The OSCA network is designed for automotive mechanics. Anyone wishing to purchase an OSCA cable must show evidence that they have at least one years' industry experience, if you do then you may purchase an OSCA cable from one of our distributors 3D Group or Tecnodiagnostics.

Each time you use your cable you will be charged for the service we are providing, with fees starting from £9.99 (with subscription). With each use you will be connected to a skilled technician who will complete the work for you.

OSCA can be operated in two ways, with or without a subscription. Having a subscription will give you a discount on every job completed!

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Application list

Please see some of our recently added application list items. Please click on each application for more information as some services may require a security PIN that may incur additional cost to retrieve. You may also click on view more to see our complete application list.

VehicleYearsJob Type
Ford Focus (Mk3 FL) NEW2014 - 2018New Airbag Control Module Programming
Ford Kuga (Mk2) NEW2013 - 2018New Instrument Cluster Programming
Smart SX4 (Mk1) NEW2010 - 2013Smart Override Key Programming
Volkswagen Polo (9N) NEW2003 - 2008Radio Code Retrieval
Ford Kuga (Mk1) NEW2008 - 2012Injector Programming
Peugeot 5008 (Mk2) NEW2017 - 2019New Electronic Power Steering Module Coding
Skoda Octavia (1Z) NEW2006 - 2013ABS Module Coding
Volkswagen Polo (AW) NEW2018 - 2020New Smart Key Set (Lockset) Programming
Seat Exeo (3R) NEW2008 - 2012New Central Convenience Module Coding
Ford Focus (Mk3 FL) NEW2014 - 2018Side Obstacle Detection System Programming
Jaguar XJ (X351) NEW2009 - 2016Oil & Service Indicator Reset
Volkswagen Passat (3G) NEW2015 - 2019Adaptive Cruise Control Module Coding
Mercedes S-Class (W222) NEW2014 - 2019New Headlight Programming (Pre-book)
Mercedes S-Class (W222) NEW2014 - 2019Clear DTC Code(s)
Mercedes S-Class (W222) NEW2014 - 2019Diagnostic Investigation Work (30 Mins Max)
Fiat Scudo (Mk2) NEW2007 - 2016New BSI Programming (Virgin Unit)
Citroen Dispatch (Mk2) NEW2007 - 2016New BSI Programming (Virgin Unit)
Audi A6 (4F) NEW2005 - 2011New Kessy Module Programming
Peugeot Expert (Mk2) NEW2007 - 2016New BSI Programming (Virgin Unit)
Vauxhall Movano (C) NEW2010 - 2018New ABS Module Coding and Configuration
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