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Connecting OSCA 2.0 to a WIFI/Tethering network

How to connect to an OSCA 2.0 Mobile Vehicle Diagnostics Cable to a WIFI Network

Help Guides/Connecting OSCA 2.0 to a WIFI/Tethering network

Step 1: Connect your OSCA 2.0 into the Vehicles OBD Port

The OSCA 2.0 cable needs to be plugged into an OBD port of a vehicle. Once connected the OSCA cable will proceed to start up. Please give the device time to complete the boot-up process before moving onto the next step. Once connected to the OBD port, the orange power LED will light up, your OSCA device is now ready to use.

Please note if you have already connected your OSCA 2.0 Cable to a WIFI network you will need to read the “How to Reset OSCA 2” Section at the rear of this guide before attempting to connect to another WIFI network.

WIFI Step 1

Step 2: Activate OSCA's WIFI Module

The green light on the OSCA 2.0 Cable will then begin to flash slowly indicating that the devices' WIFI module is now online and ready to connect to a network. The OSCA 2.0 cable will emit its own Wifi access point signal so that you can configure the tool.

Using either a smartphone, tablet, or computer, connect to the OSCA Cables WIFI network, named Connector with the addition of the unique five-digit serial number located on the white sticker located on the underside of the device. EG. ConnectorXXXXX

WIFI Step 2

Step 3: Connect OSCA 2.0 to your local WIFI

Once connected to the dedicated OSCA WIFI network, open your browser and go to the http://connector.help website. You will be presented with a website where you can select your preferred WIFI network/Tethering hotspot that the OSCA 2.0 cable can find in range.

- When using iPhone hotspots you may need to toggle the hotspot setting on and off again to reactive the service
- Newer Android devices do not allow mobile hotspots and wifi to be enabled at the same time. In this case please use another device to configure your OSCA cable to the mobile hotspot.

WIFI Step 3

Step 4: Start using your OSCA 2.0 Cable

You will be disconnected from the ConnectorXXXXX WIFI network and your OSCA 2.0 will attempt to connect to the local network you selected in step 3. Once connected and registered with our servers the green light on the network port will stop flashing and become solid.

Your OSCA device is now ready to use!

Web App Step 1