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Resetting Your OSCA 2.0 WIFI Settings

Before connecting to a new WIFI network you need to reset your OSCA 2.0 tool. The following guide shows you how to complete this task.

Help Guides/Resetting Your OSCA 2.0 WIFI Settings

Step 1: Power up the OSCA 2.0 cable

Step 1: Power up the OSCA 2.0 cable

Reset Step 1

Step 2: Insert the Reset Pin for 2 Seconds

On the back of the device, there is a small reset hole. You will find this hole in the corner nearest to the network port. Insert the provided reset tool or a paperclip for 2 seconds into the hole.

Reset Step 2

Step 3: Wait for the cable to reboot

Once you have released the reset pin from the cable the device should start to reboot with empty wifi settings. Your device will be ready to reconnect once the orange light on the ethernet port is solid and the green light is flashing slowly.

Green F Lash Slow