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Our Diagnostic Packages

OSCA 2.0, accessories and subscription options. See the improvements from our legacy hardware. Select the perfect package to suit you!

OSCA Original

The original OSCA. Where it all began, our legacy hardware!

Cable Comparison

OSCA 2.0 is our new MDI cable! But how does it compare to our original hardware, and do you need to upgrade? Check out our handy chart below to see what OSCA 2.0 can give you!

Features OSCA OSCA 2.0
Access to Live Technicians
Advanced Diagnostics
Programming Aftermarket/Genuine Parts/Used Parts
Works With Android V4.5 App
Works With Web Browser
USB OGT Connectivity Connecting Direct to Tablet/Mobile
LAN Connectivity
WIFI Connectivity
4 CAN Bus Lines
DoIP ready
CanFD ready