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What is the difference between Autel tools and the OSCA cable?

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OSCA Vs Autel

Many of you might be thinking why OSCA when I already have a plethora of tools from Autel and other manufacturers that have a large range of Diagnostic procedures? The answer is pretty simple really, you are only as good as what you know! The OSCA team is adding new vehicles and new applications every week and their dedicated technicians are constantly moving with the latest automotive technology.

Time to upgrade

As vehicular technology advances with the advent of better CAN bus systems and faster data transfer within vehicles, the complexity of performing diagnostics on vehicles increases. This is why our team of Technicians are working everyday to add more jobs and gain more knowledge, knowledge which we provide everyday through our remote diagnostics service. We are constantly learning and improving our services and updating the capabilities of the OSCA cable where as with an MaxiSYS MS908S you would need to install updates and also potentially buy a new device as time goes on, because our diagnostics is cloud-based our device doesn’t need to be upgraded on a regular basis.

Time to Upgrade
Time to Upgrade

Furthermore, as vehicles you work on get more advanced you will invariably either have to buy more tools and learn more skills or lose out on revenue because you can only work on older cars. This is the beauty of OSCA’s cable over Autel tools, all you have to do is plug it in and our master technicians will solve the problem for you with their expert knowledge and decades of combined experience and ultimately get your job done, leaving you free to get on with jobs that are your bread and butter. If you are using Autel Diagnostic tools you simply don’t have this advantage.

Scope of Applications

OSCA Application List
OSCA Application List

With Autel you are also limited in terms of the vehicles that Autel tools can program for instance their tools will not do online coding for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. OSCA, however, has an extensive coverage of over two hundred and sixty jobs for Mercedes.

Finally, there are few tools which give you such transparency in terms of what they can actually do, which is why OSCA’s application list is such a useful addition to OSCA’s offering. You simply have to go to their website to find the exact job you require. Here is the link to our full application list: https://osca.online/application-list

Ford Pulling a Starcraft Caravan
Ford Pulling a Starcraft Caravan

Another example of a job OSCA can do that Autel tools can’t is a wide range of Ford towbar programming and configuration. So, if your garage wants to attract more customers and revenue by offering this service then it’s as simple as getting an OSCA cable and letting our technicians do the rest from as little as £29.99 with our subscription and with the price of a simple Fixed flange tow bar installation usually costing the customer around £600, is this money you can really afford to miss out on?

Show me the money

Finally, when picking a tool, we all know that one of the first things to consider is cost. Take the MaxiSYS MS908S diagnostic tool that Autel market (with incredibly over the top american accents) at £1,995 plus VAT, also lets not forget the cost of upgrading which is obviously incredibly cheap at a measly £745.00 per upgrade, who wouldn’t buy it right? I mean when you’re paying all that money it has to be better right? So why would you even bother to get an OSCA cable that does everything the MaxiSys does and more for as little as £599?

Thanks for reading from the OSCA team.