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Resolving Intricate BMW Diagnostics

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Developing OSCA's Application List

Sometimes diagnostic issues don't get resolved the first time. We want to thank our customers for allowing OSCA to develop and consistently add extra jobs to the application list.

Recently Martin, our proficient technician, received a request to assist with the programming of a new electronic power steering module. Unfortunately, the first attempt was unsuccessful as it was a job that wasn't yet listed on the OSCA application list. The team of technicians examined ways in which this issue could be solved and requested the customer return the following morning to try a different approach.

After more investigation, our technicians were able to resolve the issue with the communication protocol for this BMW, which allowed the necessary software to be loaded to program the electronic power steering module.

Saving A Trip To The Dealership

By accomplishing this task, OSCA saved the customer from a lengthy, expensive trip to the dealership.

OSCA is always looking for ways to expand; these more challenging, previously not done jobs are exactly what the team need to develop the capabilities of OSCA. If you have a job that is not yet on the application list, the team will welcome the opportunity to help.