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Adding New Jobs To OSCA's Application List

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Corolla ts front 34 2 v05 lr rgb

Toyota Corolla – MK12 (2019-2022)

OSCA works with customers all across the UK and often gets contacted regarding jobs that aren't on the application list yet. With the broad range of experience within the team, we see this is as an opportunity to develop and expand the already extensive application list.

See our current Application List here for more information on the jobs we can complete.

If you have a job that needs completing that you can't see on the current application list, this could be a good opportunity for the OSCA team to challenge themselves and add this to the range of jobs that OSCAs technicians can complete.

Interior of a Toyota
Interior of a Toyota

Adding New Jobs To OSCA

Recently, we assisted a garage in programming a new front parking sensor; at the time, this wasn't a service OSCA provided for the Toyota Corolla. However, the OSCA team thought this was an excellent opportunity to extend the utilisation of the OSCA tool.

Stages Of Getting This New Job Completed

When OSCA receives a job request, we ascertain who will be best to help the customer, as we have a varied skillset within the team, ranging from an auto locksmith to a master mechanic. Because of this varied skill set, we can direct industry knowledge effectively.

The team at OSCA started scanning the vehicle to establish the missing data; our technician investigated which data was needed to enable the system to function.

After that initial stage, one of our experienced mechanical technicians configured and initialised the new sensors. Programming these new sensors required elevation angles and distance controls.

Finally, our OSCA technician rechecked the live data and cleared any fault codes; and with customer checks complete, we were happy to add this as a new job on our application list.