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Who is OSCA For?

OSCA is a versatile tool that can work in many automotive sectors. Our array of applications enables us to service garage mechanics, locksmiths, body shop repairers, ADAS specialists and more!

If you are an auto locksmith who wants to expand the range of keys you provide, then OSCA is here to help with security codes and programming.
Advanced fault finding? Module programming? Whatever it is, our experienced technicians are here to help with dealer level diagnostics at your fingertips.
Body Shops
Damaged front wing usually result in a broken headlight too. These days even a simple headlight replacement requires dealer level programming. With OSCA you can now complete this job in house!
ADAS Specialists
Our team set up the vehicle ready for drive adaption and/or calibration. What’s more, we also offer an additional programming, enabling extra work to generate extra revenue.