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How OSCA Works

OSCA is a cloud based diagnostic tool that connects you to a network of knowledge with scripts to complete the work required on your vehicles. We use a combination of diagnostic tools and our scripts on the back of years of experience to aid your workshop's capabilities. OSCA is one of the easiest tools to use, a simple chat box provided via an Android application or a web page enables our techs to understand what you want and lets us get to work on the vehicle you have at your garage.


Step 1

Plug your OSCA cable into the OBD port of the vehicle. If you have OSCA 2.0 make sure the tool is connected to your local network via WIFI/LAN. If you have OSCA V1, then you can connect your OSCA interface into a compatible Android V5 tablet using the OTG USB cable.

Step 2

Log in to the OSCA system by using the Android app or dedicated web address for the tool. Once logged in, you will see a number of key metrics, such as ping rates to see how the connection is performing from your workshop to our servers.

Step 3

Once connected, you will have a worldwide team of technicians, available at your fingertips! Our team will assess your requirements, whether it's key programming, module programming, or advanced fault diagnostic. They will work together as a team to resolve your problems, while you can get on with other jobs!

How it works step 3

What Can OSCA Do?

We have a team of technicians ready to complete work on your customer's vehicles. Our growing team of experienced technicians use each other's knowledge and skills to provide an unbeatable service that is just a click away using your OSCA diagnostic tool.

Key Programming
We have experienced locksmiths ready to program your keys using our dedicated scripts and programming methods.
Module Programming
Headlights, tow bars, new ECU's; you name it, we have the power to program them into the vehicle you are working on.
Advanced Diagnostics
Stuck with an issue? Why not plug in and get a second opinion from our network of experienced diagnostic technicians.
Collision Repairs & More
Radar module coding, crash data reset, steering rack coding and more. OSCA is here to help your business expand.