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What's the Latest on Secure Gateways?

Blog/ What's the Latest on Secure Gateways?
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OSCA has been getting more and more calls about secure gateways! So, we thought we would jump in and cover what they are and how they can affect you.

What is a Secure Gateway?

A Secure Gateway is a digital lock that ensures that part of the digital CAN network in the car is no longer just accessible via the OBD port. Typically, this can only be unlocked with the manufacturer's key; often, this can only be completed with an original diagnostic device.

As a result, it is no longer possible to develop a universal diagnostic device for all electronic components in the car; this results in you not being able to perform specific codings, such as calibrating an ADAS camera or coding a new LED headlight yourself.

Why do Car Manufacturers use Secure Gateways?

Car manufacturers began to worry about the security of the CAN network after hackers showed in 2015 that they could break into this network and control a car entirely remotely. As a result, various manufacturers have started developing and implementing secure gateways for their vehicles, among other technological advancements.

Hacking a Car

Will the CAN network be completely locked?

Thankfully, not the entire CAN network is locked. Therefore, it is still possible to read emission-related matters; this has had to stay an option as The European Commission obliges car manufacturers to keep this data accessible.

In addition, other European legislation obliges car manufacturers to offer universal garages access to the entire CAN network. With this, the European Commission wants to ensure that everyone can carry out repairs (the 'Right-to-repair') and prevent a monopoly position of the original dealers. This granting of access is called Pass-thru.

Unfortunately, there is no description of granting this access, which often makes it a complex and expensive affair, such as buying a 'token' for an hour of access or buying an original diagnostic device.

Which Vehicle Manufacturers use Secure Gateways?

At the moment, Renault, Iveco, Fiat, Chrysler, Jeep, Audi, VW, Skoda, Seat and Mercedes lock their CAN network via a secure gateway. However, more and more manufacturers will follow their example in the coming years. Moreover, from 2022 it will be mandatory to provide every new car with ADAS, so the number of camera calibrations will also increase considerably in the future.

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How Does OSCA Help?

OSCA provides you with an all-in-one solution to coding problems. We have extensive diagnostic equipment, licenses and a group of experienced specialists who perform hundreds of jobs per day.

Because of this, we have already seen all the problematic situations come along. Moreover, since their diagnostic equipment is updated almost daily, OSCA's team can even work on the latest car types.

Many complex probes, such as (windscreen) camera and radar calibrations for Renault or the Volkswagen group cars, can almost always be solved without problems and the free switching of new parts such as multimedia components or headlights, such as Volkswagen or Mercedes.

At the moment, more and more electric vehicles are being added to the program. At the same time, a solution is being worked on for vehicles with DoIP (Diagnosis over Internet Protocol) – the J-Rex VCI (Vehicle Communication Interface) is already hardware-ready for DoIP.

To have access to the OSCA application list, you buy the cable once. Then, as soon as you connect it to a car via the OBD port and connect it on a WIFI network, you can use the Internet browser on any computer, smartphone, or tablet to select the required service.

As soon as you have selected the necessary service in the browser, the OSCA specialists will at once start working for you remotely. Through a built-in chat function, you can consult with the specialist who will help you.

Contact OSCA

OSCA can help you solve diagnostic problems quickly, simply, and cost-efficiently without going to an original dealer.

Why not book in with the OSCA team to run through how our incredible cloud-based tool will simplify your daily tasks!