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Using The OSCA To Recover A Non-Runner

Blog/ Using The OSCA To Recover A Non-Runner

What a cracking week at OSCA; we have had the opportunity to resolve new jobs and complete some tricky diagnostic assignments.

This VW Scirocco was no exception; the vehicle was brought to Tom @TheMechanicLongEaton, a first-time user of the OSCA tool. Unfortunately, the car had required recovering as there was no driving capability and a loss of transmission.

Why Was The Car A Non-Runner?

The team of experienced technicians, the invisible force behind OSCA's powerful diagnostic capabilities, worked with Tom to diagnose the faults causing the vehicle to be a non-runner. After much back and forth, the team diagnosed severe issues with the steering wheel controls, cruise control, horn and radio controls. In addition, there was a serious issue with the steering column electrics, causing a stoppage in communication with the paddle shift for the gearbox, therefore causing the car to be a non-driver.

How Did We Work Toward A Resolution?

To restore all functions to the VW Scirocco VO60YYG 2.0 TDI, leaving all faults cleared and in perfect working condition, the technical team assisted the mechanic for 20 minutes. A new steering column electric module was required; OSCA is capable of facilitating this.

Establishing A Relationship with AutoMechanics.

This was TheMechanicLongEaton's first experience with OSCA; in his own words, "I am blown away with the service and the efficiency of the OSCA tool."