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OSCA 2.0 blue front LEDs

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OSCA OTA Blog Blueimage 2

Service update!

What is changing?

OSCA will soon perform an OTA ("Over The Air") update on all OSCA 2.0 devices. During this update, OSCA will add new functionality for the OSCA 2.0 front LEDs.

To date, there has been no clear indication that the remote is performing an update. No more! Soon, the OSCA 2.0 will notify you that the tool is completing work with flashing blue lights and a short beep!

This clear indication that work is being performed will assure you that you'll no longer get stuck in updates.

What does this mean for you?

During this process, it is essential that you do not disconnect the remote from the car or the internet. This will prevent the remote from getting stuck in an update. The update process takes an average of 1-2 minutes; however, this can vary depending on your internet connection speed.

When does the update roll out?

We are working on this update, ensuring it is good to go! But we can say that this latest update will be released very shortly. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date.

Additional information

In addition, the length of the update process depends on how regularly you use the remote. For example, if you haven't used your OSCA 2.0 device for a while, it can cause a lengthier updating period.

When the update is completed correctly, the blue LEDs will return to their original green colour. Therefore, when using your OSCA 2.0 device, you must patiently wait for the update if you encounter the blue LEDs and the beeper.

If you have any questions, reach out to the team, and we will be happy to help!