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SERMI Update - Who needs a SERMI certificate?

Blog/ SERMI Update - Who needs a SERMI certificate?
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We're back with some more information on the upcoming SERMI certificate. We're still in talks with the IGA to get you the most up-to-date information.

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Right, let's get into the details.

Who needs a SERMI certificate?

Technicians and businesses working with vehicle security information need a SERMI certificate to access it from manufacturers. This includes parts, software, and information that prevent theft or aid in recovery.

Why do I need a SERMI certificate?

For over a decade, manufacturers and garage operators in Europe have been discussing the development of a system that requires only one master certificate to access security information from every vehicle manufacturer instead of needing separate accreditation from each manufacturer.

The new system will save time and money by providing a central approval system and linking to all manufacturers. Joining the SERMI scheme will make it easier to access security-related information and demonstrate that your garage meets high standards for you and your technicians' character and integrity. Failure to be certified through the SERMI scheme may make it more difficult to access security-related information from vehicle manufacturers.

How do I become certified in the SERMI scheme?

In the UK, applying for a SERMI certificate requires approval from RMISC. Applicants undergo a rigorous and fair assessment based on SERMI scheme guidelines.

Gathering crucial documents early on is recommended.

These documents are:

  • documented evidence of ownership of the independent operator
  • evidence of public liability insurance to the required levels, over £1m
  • evidence and a declaration of a legitimate business
  • basic DBS certificate for the business owner or person with significant control and nominated employee(s) to be authorised, supported by self-declaration forms.
  • evidence of working within the automotive area

The validity period of a SERMI certificate is set at five years. Within this period, RMISC is responsible for conducting two audits, one that has been pre-arranged and another unannounced inspection. This approach ensures that the certification process is thorough and the certificate holders maintain the required standards throughout the period.

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