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SERMI - Accessing Security Related Repair Maintenance Information

Blog/ SERMI - Accessing Security Related Repair Maintenance Information
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Something big is coming. And we all have to prepare for one of the most significant changes to the industry in quite some time.

Does your business need to re-code vehicle security-related components and software?

Then keep reading to find out how your business will be affected by upcoming changes in October 2023!

What do we know so far?

From October 2023, vehicle manufacturers will look for a SERMI (Security-related Repair and Maintenance information) certificate before giving access to their security-related information.

SERMI is an umbrella scheme delivered by different organisations in each European country. At the moment, we don't have a surefire date on when the scheme will become active for the UK.

As the UK's leading remote diagnostics service provider, we hold ourselves accountable to keep our customers and the industry updated with the most recent information.

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