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Renault Trafic Brands and Key Programming

Blog/ Renault Trafic Brands and Key Programming
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Secure coding without flash read and write to bypass security codes for key programming.

Did you know that the 3rd generation Renault Trafic has been rebadged five times? But only 3 of them are used in the UK. The brands that have rebadged worldwide are Mitsubishi, Opel, Vauxhall, Fiat and Nissan.

However, here in the UK, only Renault, Fiat, Vauxhall and Nissan have been used. You'll know them as:

Fiat Talento

Fiat Talento

Vauxhall Vivaro

Vauxhall Vivaro

Nissan NV300

Nissan NV300

Even though it's easy to think they are just a rebadged version of a Renault Trafic, they all come with individual challenges - especially when it comes to key programming!

Within the aftermarket, key programming has options. Although, due to the 32-digit pin code not being readily available to garages and auto locksmiths, there is a heavy reliance on aftermarket tools that read the UCH flash and modify the file to allow secure key programming.

Unfortunately, this software is not always accurate and can lead to failure in completing jobs. OSCA has seen this over the years. This can be because of limitations such as battery voltage. 3D Group has written an excellent article on why battery support is essential during diagnostic work. You can read here: Why Battery Support Is Essential When Running Diagnostic Tests | 3D Group (3dgroupuk.com)

There are also other limitations, such as incorrect operation, faulty equipment, or previously incorrect coded parts.

Yes, that is right, incorrectly coded parts!

At OSCA, we have seen an Airbag module with incorrect coding due to a garage using second-hand parts. This led to a non-starter; the vehicle was left unusable until they replaced the module.

Here at OSCA, we do not use aftermarket software for these applications but use dedicated branded tools for these applications instead. Allowing us to guarantee stress-free key programming.

Although the vehicles mentioned earlier are rebadged as Renault Trafics, their programming processes are different.

Take Fiat, for example. You can use off-the-shelf keys, and no 32-digit pin is required. Whereas for Nissan, the pin will need ordering through a dealer-supported network, but thankfully you can still use an off-the-shelf key. Finally, Vauxhall is a little different. You do not require a pin code. However, you must pay for an expensive security token; again, you can use keys off the shelf.


Back to Renault, the biggy!

You'll be glad to know that no pin is needed. However, you are required to order a key to VIN; this allows the OEM tool to code the key.

This presents a challenge to OSCA, as there are costs incurred by using these OEM tools, ranging from devices that allow us to acquire full secure access to other tools which require us to buy a token every time we use them.

We have to consider this when we cost jobs. This is why different brands have varying charges. Regardless of the cost, we guarantee complete coding without the risk of damaging modules—all within an average of 15 minutes of connecting.

We offer many services for these vehicles, not just keys! OSCA provides professional SCR diagnosis and module programming for airbags, body control units, and power steering, all within one tool.