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OSCA Has A New Team Member

Blog/ OSCA Has A New Team Member
Adam 1

Happy three months to our newest member Adam. OSCA knows that the market is ever-changing, and keeping up to date with tech advances is vital; with expertise in IT and applied maths, Adam is an excellent addition to the team. Read below to get to know our newest addition to OSCA.

Your Role Within OSCA?

My role has been to manage, maintain and upgrade all of the OSCA technology that the team use daily. These systems must be fully functional every single day to ensure we are ready for any jobs that customers bring to us. I also research new systems ensuring we have the very best at all times.

How Have Your First 3 Months Been At OSCA?

My time at OSCA so far has been very rewarding. Whenever I get new systems added to the OSCA system, I feel great knowing that I am growing and developing myself and OSCA. It is a big shock moving from student life to a work environment, but I have found that the enjoyable company of the OSCA team has made this transition comfortable.

How Has Applied Math's Helped?

A maths degree doesn't just teach you different mathematical methods; it helps develop your ability to approach problems. For example, how to solve issues in a methodical manner; this has helped me in the OSCA team because whenever I see a technical issue, I take a step-by-step approach to applying different methods simultaneously until I find the ultimate solution.

Name One Thing That You Have Learnt Since Starting At OSCA

Since starting here at OSCA, I have learnt about many vehicle diagnostic tools and how they work and have developed a keen interest in how the components of vehicles are programmed. I have also learnt how to contact and communicate with teams in large companies effectively to establish genuine relations with helpful staff members to ensure a high level of service.

A Little About You?

I am a keen runner and enjoy various sports such as cycling, paddle boarding, wakeboarding and more. I am also interested in cars and motors vehicles. My family has worked in the automotive industry all my life; I have owned, maintained, and repaired multiple cars and boats throughout my life. Another passion I have is classical music and theatre, where I love to attend and even be a part of many local shows wherever possible.