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Bypass Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Secure Gateway Seamlessly

Blog/ Bypass Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Secure Gateway Seamlessly
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Can OSCA be used on Fiat Chrysler Automobiles?

Yes, you heard that right; OSCA can work on FCA vehicles. Models include Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Jeep cars.

We now have 36 applications available to Alfa Romeo models and counting! Why not check out OSCA’s application list here.

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OEM Approved Solutions to Vehicle Security Access Requirements

OSCA is approved for secure access to unlock the Secure Gateway Module (SGW) found in late-model vehicles. Our technicians can achieve this seamlessly and within seconds.

What is a Secure Gateway Module (SGW)?

More and more OEMs have started to implement additional security measures on newer vehicle models. SGW’s help to protect the vehicle’s communication networks from attacks; this has become even more relevant in recent years as there has been an increase in cyber-attacks ad hacking! As we evolve more towards advanced cars, this is becoming more important.

Starting with most 2018 models, FCA implemented a Secure Gateway Module (SGW), similar to a “firewall”, to protect the vehicle network.

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What Applications Can OSCA Complete?

You can see our complete application list here! But let’s give you a little look at the jobs our technicians can do with the help of OSCA.

Once we have bypassed the secure gateway, we can complete:

  • Airbag module coding
  • Service resets
  • Clear fault codes
  • Radar coding
  • Clearing diagnostic trouble code
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