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Meet the Team: Paul Grantham

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Paul Grantham

About Paul

Born in Nottingham 61 years ago, Paul began his career with a stint of five years as an apprentice in the Royal Engineers, specifically the Electrical and Mechanical Corps, who are partially responsible for the continued success of Volkswagen. Though Paul wasn’t around back then he definitely learnt a lot during his time in the Royal Engineers and then decided to follow a career within the aftermarket garage industry at Sandicliffe Ford, known for the steep sandstone cliffs, either side of the dealership

Paul got his first job as an Auto-mechanic and his history of discipline in the armed forces put him in good stead for a thriving career in the garage industry.

Paul Grantham

Paul's background

Since then, Paul went from strength to strength working on almost every make and model in the aftermarket from VAG, BMW, Vauxhall to JLR. Paul's experience spans a plethora of different garages and dealerships.

Additionally, his 15 years at Jaguar Landrover Group gave him unparalleled experience working in vehicle manufacturing and a thorough knowledge of their designs. Meaning Paul is more erudite than most when it comes to how cars and vehicles function in the modern age.

He is also a long-standing member of the IMI and a master technician, who now whiles away his time with advanced diagnostic conundrums and great customer support.

Sandicliffe Ford Store 620

Work experience

Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Corp for five years:

Sandicliffe Ford

Bristol Street Motors VAG

Sytners BMW

Vauxhall College apprenticeship programme

Jaguar Landrover Group

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Office life and hobbies

Paul is known around the office for being a little vertically challenged but he doesn’t let the taller members of staff boss him around, he gets them back as good as they get him. Below are a couple of things he does outside of work.

“Everything Automotive, family, socialising and a passing interest in how Nottingham Forest are managing to survive game by game.” - Paul Grantham

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