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Meet The Team - Mike

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What is your background?

I began work with 3D Autokeys when it was just a small shop; my role included serving customers, cutting keys, booking customers, and key programming. I progressed within my role, advancing to working out in the field, offering customer services for lost and spare keys. I am also experienced in gain entry jobs.

Following this role, I moved to the OSCA team, bringing my expertise within the autolocksmith trade to develop this area within OSCA.

How does your work differ now with the use of OSCA?

My experience in the field has helped me massively, as I have seen both sides of the use of OSCA. From being the end-user to a technician within the OSCA service team. I have a deep understanding of the work that goes in behind the scenes to make the process for the end-user so easy.

What makes OSCA unique?

Even though OSCA is a tool, behind the device is a team that works together to resolve any issue for the customer. Other tools will say when something has failed, but they don't always state why. This is where OSCA is different; the technicians behind OSCA will always try their best to explain why. This can often mean more work for myself and the other techs to get to the root of the problem.

What problems have you solved that would be challenging without OSCA?

We have found when coding VAG locksets, it can leave the vehicle with several faults. Using the OSCA tool, the team and I have resolved why this happens, giving the customer the ability to get the car back up and running with zero faults, using the most effective process.

Do you have a most common issue? How does OSCA assist with this type of problem?

I specialise in key programming here at OSCA; with that in mind, one of the most common issues I encounter is when dealing with the Nissan Qashqai. There are some tools out there on the market that can damage the Body Control Modules; I have found that when using OSCA, we don't encounter these same issues.

In your own words, what makes you an integral part of the OSCA team?

As I have been in the industry for a considerable time, I believe that my varied experience has provided the team with the knowledge of what it's like to be a mobile auto locksmith. Bringing the understanding of common issues and expertise using OSCA to help resolve those problems for our customers.