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DoIP JLR Update

Blog/ DoIP JLR Update
OSCA Blog Do IP Suspended 2022

In the past few weeks, we faced some difficulties concerning the DoIP functionality for JLR vehicles. As a result, OSCA will have to suspend the current DoIP applications for Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles.

Problems Faced

We currently face two compatibility issues with DoiP. The existence of two different DoIP generations and updates of DoIP functionality of the equipment used. In JLR 2021 models, a new DoIP generation that uses a multi-node network gateway was introduced rather than one main gateway, as implemented in their first generation of DoIP.

Volvo and Mercedes Still Supported

Note that our DoIP functionality, in general, and compatibility for Volvo and Mercedes vehicles, are not affected by these issues.

Although we already support both technologies for Volvo and Mercedes, it seems that JLR uses some patented customisation that varies from the DoIP industry norm and presents issues.


We are working hard on resolving the issues we face with JLR. Unfortunately, this takes more time than we initially had hoped. Nevertheless, we expect to solve most problems and have both DoIP for JLR working again at the end of this year.

We hope you understand why we have chosen to suspend DoIP for JLR. OSCA endeavours to provide the best services to our customers.

We appreciate your continued support, many thanks from the OSCA team.